World Class Antistatic solutions available in India

Being passionate about providing cutting edge technologies to Indian customers, we are building business tie ups  with world leaders in numerous business fields. The objective is to provide these world class technologies to the Indian customer along with providing end to end local support.

One of such example is “KERSTEN” – a German company who is world leader in providing patented anti static solution.

In almost all industrial production processes there are many different materials that rub against each other. Individual sheets of paper or foil are directed over guide rollers, plastic pellets are sent through pipelines, cardboard packaging is punched. The strength of the static charge depends on many factors, like material pairing, process speed, surface texture, humidity, surrounding temperature, ink density, etc..

KERSTEN has been the leading supplier of system solutions for electrostatics for over 40 years. Our consultational approach and our modular products are fundamentally different from conventional approaches – and they solve your problems a more effective and sustainable manner.

Kersten Clients in India


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