The current conventional process is complex and cumbersome in terms of keeping the records of medical treatment and history. It is essential to keep big volume of papers to make it happen. With this new process, it is possible to track the record and keep the summary of medical history at one central place in ‘soft’ format. This also ensures that the data captured is easily accessible and up-to-date. The core idea of this process is to provide a simple and manageable tool to effectively create a good medical synopsis, readily available to patients, doctors, hospitals and even to diagnosis labs.

Health Data Management is a centralize way to manage the medical history of any individual, which is not only keeping the important diagnosis records in soft format but is also available quickly for reference.

This process of “Tracking and Managing Health Data” is very useful for all hospitals, Doctors, Patients and Insurance organization, where it is utmost important to have global medical data to provide best services possible.

Modules Included-

  • Masters
  • Patient Management
  • Visits
  • Examination
  • Prescription
  • Investigation
  • Bill
  • Reports

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