Inventory has been a part of any business eco system, which is essential but triggers negative waves, if it is not managed optimally. In any given environment, inventory or stock which is sitting idle is a dead investment. Such inventory is always treated as scrap and is being rejected out of system at negligible value.

Current business demands high responsiveness and managing high volatility. Eventually, every industry ends up accumulated slow moving inventory at different stages, which contributes negatively to the top line. It has been observed that in many cases such dead investments are to the tune of 3 to 4% of the business turnover or even higher. End of the day, returns from these blocked inventories is zero and is direct financial loss to the organization.

MetNet is a cloud based solution, build on the ‘RubbleNeed’ platform to provide a flexible solution to generate value out of such slow moving inventories. It has capabilities to build collaborative chain to surface any hidden requirements from stakeholders across the chain. We have capabilities to build ‘private’ collaborative chain with captive stake holders or ‘public’ collaborative chain to connect with extended stake holders outside core business network.

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