What is RubbleNeed?

RubbleNeed is a cloud based solution which manages your untapped resources efficiently. It is a collaborative platform that can be utilized as a Private or Public cloud. RubbleNeed provides a simple and creative web based interface that lets a user register to the platform as a Buyer or Seller or Both. RubbleNeed platform not just connects buyers and sellers within or outside the organization, but it provides visibility to your underutilized resources. RubbleNeed takes care of the entire Untapped Resources Life Cycle Management (URLM).

RubbleNeed: How it works?

Being a collaborative platform on cloud, RubbleNeed lets you create individual or enterprise profiles on the platform and post your requirements.

Once a user completes the registration, information regarding the unutilized resources can be posted. Thereafter, a user can create a community within or outside the organization – depending on the type of profile; i.e. private or public. Once a user posts a requirement or details of the available unused resources, stakeholders within and outside the organization can respond to the same.

RubbleNeed will help you keep a track of your activities through alerts and reports. This will be a subscription based service to individual as well as enterprise customers.

What are the benefits?

  • Visibility of resources across the collaborative business network.
  • Optimize Demand and Supply chain by getting single window information.
  • Create and establish end to end workflow to manage transactions.
  • Track your requirements/orders.
  • Raise requirements within the organization/outside the organization.
  • Private / Public profiles.
  • Generate reports on a monthly or yearly basis.
  • Subscription based model – very cost effective.

Who will benefit from RubbleNeed the most?

RubbleNeed can add significant value to unused resources in all kinds of business domains, including:

  • FMCG Companies
  • IT Services Companies
  • Retail organizations
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Healthcare organizations